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Media coverage of specific papers

Media coverage of C. A. Perez-Delgado and J. F. Fitzsimons, “Iterated Gate Teleportation and Blind Quantum Computation“, Physical Review Letters, vol. 114, no. 22, pp. 220502, 2015:

Media coverage of J. F. Fitzsimons, E. Kashefi, and P. Walther, “Experimental verification of quantum computation“, Nature Physics, vol. 9, no. 11, pp. 727-731, 2013:

Media coverage of S. Barz, E. Kashefi, A. Broadbent, J. F. Fitzsimons, A. Zeilinger, and P. Walther, “Demonstration of Blind Quantum Computing“, Science, vol. 335, no. 6066, pp. 303–308, 2012:

Media coverage of J. A. Jones, S. D. Karlen, J. Fitzsimons, A. Ardavan, S. C. Benjamin, G. A. D. Briggs, and J. J. L. Morton, “Magnetic field sensing beyond the standard quantum limit using 10-spin NOON states“, Science, vol. 324, no. 5931, pp. 1166, 2009:

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