Tommaso Demarie

Postdoctoral Fellow
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SUTD Desk Podium A Level 3
Email tommaso _ demarie @ sutd • edu • sg

Tommaso F. Demarie is a theoretical physicist with interests in quantum information and computation theory. He holds a BSc and a MSc from the Universita’ degli studi di Torino, Italy, and a PhD from Macquarie University, Australia. His doctoral research focused on the interplay between the geometry of quantum states and their physical properties, with a particular focus on the topological description of a continuous-variable analog of the surface code. Tommaso joined Prof. Fitzsimons’ group in mid 2014 and his recent research interests include quantum cryptography, entanglement theory and topological quantum computation.

Tommaso believes it is extremely important to maintain a well balanced repertoire of interests to complement and enrich someone’s life experience. In this sense, he is an active yoga student and practitioner, enjoys modern and contemporary arts (with a special passion for life-drawing) and holds a Sommelier degree from the AIS, Italian Sommelier Association.